Memorial for Those Who Died From Tobacco Inhalation

Memorial walls have been put up all over the world to commemorate those who have died due to tobacco smoke during the World No Tobacco Day. Families and friends have gathered to share their stories and struggles. This also became a perfect venue to inform people the key facts on tobacco deaths and illnesses.

Tobacco smoking is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. It has killed over six million people per year—-more than five million of which are smokers and over one million are victims of second-hand smoke. According to research, if people remain passive and do not take any drastic actions about it, the annual death toll could possibly rise to more than eight million deaths by the year 2030.

During the memorial, experts have shared their insights on how to help tobacco users to quit smoking. They said that through counselling and undergoing medication, there is a huge chance that a smoker will be able to successfully quit the vice. In some developed countries, cessations are offered through their national comprehensive health care programs. On the other hand, middle-income and low-income countries do not support cessation on their health programs. This is really unfortunate because a huge number of tobacco deaths and illnesses that were recorded came from the low-income and middle-income countries.

World Health Organization has been working hard to fight the global tobacco epidemic. They have introduced a list of control measures that will help the countries all over the world in fighting the tobacco deaths and tobacco-induced illnesses. It is called MPOWER—M stands for ‘monitor tobacco use and prevention policies’; P stands for ‘protect people from tobacco use’; O stands for ‘offer help to quit tobacco use’; W stands for ‘warn about the dangers of tobacco’; E stands for ‘enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship’; R stands for ‘raise taxes on tobacco’.

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Air conditioners: Combat asthma with a breath of fresh air

Asthma is a major problem in Australia, especially amongst young children with 11.3% of young people aged 0-15 suffering from this debilitating condition. Children with asthma find it difficult to lead ‘normal’ lives, as they are unable to take part in every day activities such as sports, or general childlike activities. As a result, these kids experience not only a poorer general health, but a poorer quality of life which can sometimes lead to serious cases of anxiety and/or depression. Fortunately, if you or someone you know has children who suffer from asthma, there are things you can do to make their lives easier.

Because asthma is often caused by an allergic reaction to air-born molecules, such as dust and pollen, making sure your kids have a constant supply of fresh air is a great way to help reduce symptoms. Regularly dusting indoors is one way to keep the air in your house free from harmful allergens, but the most efficient method of air purification is provided by in-house air conditioners. If you aren’t already aware, these machines work to filter the air in your home from any asthma inducing fragments, allowing your children to breathe easier.

While it’s true that air conditioners are a great way to filter your homes air, you can also take preventive measures to ensure that the air in your home is not polluted in the first place. One of the biggest risks to any young person suffering from asthma is second hand cigarette smoke, so please be careful not to smoke inside, for the sake of your children’s health. Second hand smoke not only helps to induce asthma but may also increase your child’s chances of developing cancer later in life, so smoking indoors is a definite no-no.

Aside from these tips, always make sure you have your child’s medication on hand, just in case an attack does take place. There’s nothing more frightening, for a child or parent, than being caught without an inhaler should an attack occur. Remember, most children will grow out of this condition, but it’s up to you as a parent to ensure that any time spent with this problem is made easier.

Health Report: Australia 2010

Statistics show that health is a priority among Australians, who spend more and more on health expenditures. Studies also show that an increase in people working at health related agencies or companies have grown by 23% from 2003 to 2008. In addition, Dr. Albon, Director of Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) shared at some point that newer technologies and higher expectations from the community account for the growth in Australia’s health. Moreover, statistics also show that life expectancy in the country is also among the longest in the world. Furthermore, rates surviving cancer and other chronic diseases have also increased. Unfortunately, despite being considered as among the healthiest in the world, Australia, it seems will have a 10% increase in the number of cancer patients in 2010.

The Australian government is doing everything to keep everyone’s health at its best. In fact, a $650M investment is allotted for cancer regional centres by the government. Other plans for developing the country’s health include the mental health of today’s youth. It is said that adding a number of Headspace services can and will be able to help an additional 20,000 more youth if such a project pushes through.

On another note, smoking levels as well as deaths caused by smoking have decreased. Meanwhile, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) still remain to be the number one cause of death in the country. Cardiovascular disease includes all sicknesses related to the blood vessels and the heart. Incidentally, statistics show that coronary heart disease tops the charts as the major buzz kill. In 2006, 17% of all deaths in Australia are due to said disease.

Hence, there are certain activities to employ so as not to be added to statistics. The wisest thing to do is to refrain from smoking. Another thing to remember is to be as active as possible. Schedule a day or two for fat-burning purposes. Participating in moderately vigorous exercises will lessen chances of suffering from heart diseases. One good thing to remember is to eat healthy food. Look for Omega-3 rich food and you’re on your way to having a healthier heart. To sum it up, a healthy and smoke-free lifestyle will help you live a longer life.

Certain Type of Protein Can Possibly Help Cancer Patients

Therea are several types of stress. There are what we call eustress, distress, hypostress, and hyperstress. Essentially, the two major types are called eustress and distress. The former is a short-term stress which usually comes out during periods of creativity and physical activity. This is obviously a good kind of stress. On the other hand, distress is a bad kind of stress. This type of stress results to various stages of discomfort. Meanwhile, hyperstress is something that happens when you are overworked. On the contrary, however, hypostress is what you will experience when you become restless. These are days when you suddenly realise that you are bored and that you need some form of inspiration for your tasks.

In relation, just as stress has various effects on an individual, stress actually has a huge effect on your cells. To be more specific, stress is somehow related to cancer cells.

In fact, researchers and scientists from the NUI Galway have discovered that healthy and normal cells are not placed under pressure or stress. On the other hand, unhealthy cells like cancer cells are more likely to be affected by stress. When this happens, a certain type of protein called Hsp70  develops in the stressed cells. What happens next is that Hsp70 helps the stressed (cancer) cells to fight off the problems. Obviously, this is a bad thing since the cancer cells are able to survive the stress that they are in—resulting to cancer further developing in the body.

According to Professor Afshin Samali, the Head of Biochemistry in NUI Galway, it would be most beneficial if scientists are able to understand the interaction between Hsp70 and the cancer cells. Moreover, he adds that this discovery could pave the way to developing new drugs which aim to block the Hsp70 protein—thereby, killing the cancer cells in the process. On the other hand, this could also mean that it is possible to reverse the effects of certain diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s if scietists can find out how to increase the Hsp70 level in afflicted patients.

Between Cigarette Vending Machines and Freedom to Smoke

The Smoking Ban, which turns 7 years old on July 24th, is taking its toll on old cigarette vending machines in New York, USA. With the ban, smokers were prohibited from lighting up their cigarettes inside bars and several restaurants.

The smoking ban has several effects on the state. For one thing, it has promoted tolerance on concerned individuals. Incidentally, the ban has also helped at least 100,000 smokers to quit in 2004 alone. This is definitely a good thing. However, it could prove drastic for some. In fact, studies show that the ban could give way to some form of resentment amongst smokers. An example would be the murder of a restaurant owner who was attempting to implement the smoking ban in his establishment last year. Also, the smoking ban has some adverse effect on the establishments. Bars and restaurants claim to have lost lots of income when the smoking ban was implemented.

In additon, cigarette vending machines are also affected. Less and less machines can be seen in the state. You could probably compare the machines to some rare wild animals that are close to being extinct. Not only that, the price of cigarette packs have risen to $11, hence, the need to remodel the old remaining cigarette vendos.

Furthermore, current Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg is also looking at the prospect of banning smoking outdoors. This action would further reduce the risks from secondhand smoke. This will be a source of great news if this pushes through—well, for health enthusiasts at least. On the other hand, this kind of news is being greeted with varying reactions.

Some, if not most, people think that banning smoking in parks and other outdoor areas is getting far. Even non-smokers feel the same way. They understand the predicament of the smoking population. Some even suggest that instead of banning smoking in all parks, the government could probably at least delegate smoking areas in parks to accommodate the smokers. After all, The US is “the land of the free”, but several people can’t enjoy their so-called freedom due to all the smoking restrictions.

New Proposed Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Criteria

For 25 years, the diagonosis criteria for Alzheimer’s disease has remained the same—until the Alzheimer’s meeting held in Hawaii last Tuesday. The proposed changes, which would probably be adopted sometime in the fall, will mean several things. For one, it could imply that the previous guidelines used are now very much outdated. Another thing, it would also help companies develop drugs aimed at curing the aforementioned disease. In addition, it would be safe to expect a (high) increase in the number of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In relation, 5.3 million Americans are estimated to be suffering from this disease. Furthermore, it would also mean that certain brain scans will be needed for proper diagnosing of the disease when the proposed draft finally gets approved in the fall.

The proposed new guidelines would also mean looking at the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s—this happens when amyloids or clumps of protein are forming in the brains. Of course, this goes without saying that these brain scans will be done even before a patient shows some signs of mental or memory problems. Incidentally, the current method of diagnosing patients with Alzheimer’s are only carried out when the individual shows inability to perform day-to-day activities and memory loss, otherwise known as dementia. In addition, Dr. Paul Aisen, an Alzheimer’s researcher included in one of the groups proposing the new guidelines, shares that “Our thinking has changed dramatically.” He also adds that, “We now view dementia as a late stage in the process.”

Moreover, William Thies, the Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Alzheimer’s Association mentioned that “The proposals would change the 1984 criteria by better reflecting the various stages of the disease and the inclusion of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers.”

Doctors will now have to learn new terms and this will cause consequences for lawyers, insurance companies and workers’ compensation programs

Statistics show that about 26M around the world have been confirmed–thru autopsies–to have died from Alzheimer’s. Using biomarkers for diagnosing Alzheimer’s, aims to greatly lower the statistics.

The ripple extends beyond doctors and patients, Dr. Doraiswamy said. The new diagnostic criteria also have consequences for lawyers, insurance companies and workers’ compensation programs

Health Insurance in Australia

Health insurance, according to the Private Health Insurance Administration Council (PHIAC), in Australia has reached its highest records for a decade. Records from the PHIAC show that 10 million Australians have taken the step to  getting private health insurances.

Private health insurance covers several things. Depending on the policy you have, the policy holder may insure against dental treatments, podiatry, home nursing, and hospital expenses among others. On an annual basis, your insurer should let you know what health services or benefits you can claim. However, you should look closely at the details to avoid any hidden charges that might come with the the insurance service you wish to claim.

Private Health Insurance Administration Council claims that, given the high insurance record, an additional 243,000 Australians have joined the health covers. The PHIAC adds that a significant increase among 20-24 year old insurance holders have been seen in the last three months. It is also interesting to note that the aforementioned age group does not have too much benefits to claim compared to other age brackets. If this is the case—It would seem that, indeed, more and more Australians are thinking about their health. Not surprising though. After all, Australia has one of the longest life expectancies in the world. In addition, the Australian government is doing everything in its power to keep its citizens as healthy as could be.

The health insurance increase has urged Health Minister Nicola Roxon to call on the Senate. It is the Health Minister’s plea that the Senate approve the means test of 30% subsidy for the insurance. The said test aims to save around $1.9 billion. However, the Senate has blocked the means test when it was scheduled for execution in July.

457 Health Insurance

457 health insurance visa applicants after the 14th of September 2009 will be deemed responsible for the health costs that they and their family members will accrue. In addition, they are required to maintain insurance for the health costs to be sufficient until the duration of their visas. In other words, it is of utmost importance that new applicants make arrangements to have themselves and their families covered by health insurance prior  to the applicants’ arrival in Australia. The failure to maintain the health insurance can result to cancellation of the visa. On the other hand, those who got their subclass 457 visas approved before the 14th of September 2009, their sponsors will remain to be responsible for the hospital/medical expenses. In addition, sponsors who fail to comply with the costs may be dealt with administrative sanctions. This is in accordance to Visa Condition 8501.

Australia prides itself with having relatively high life expectancy among its people. Sometime in 1975, the island continent introduced Medibank – a universal health care. As time flew and as governments changed, the universal health care has evolved to what is now more popularly known as Medicare. Also, Australia offers fun lifestyle, affordable cost of living, and excellent career opportunities. No wonder Australia is one of the most preferred destinations for immigrants.

457 health insurance is one important requirement you should consider before you can pursue your dreams of living and working in the land down under. There is nothing to lose when you apply for the 457 health insurance. In fact, you have lots to gain once you comply with this visa condition. Living in a booming economy country and maintaining a healthy and fun-filled lifestyle  are just few of the things that are in store for you. Australia offers so much more. Apply for the 457 health insurance and you will see that you made the right decision.

Workplace Health and Safety in Queensland

Governments hold workplace health and safety laws as major importance for any workforce. Such laws provide extra security to employees to help staff feel secure and provide a better working experience

Minister for Industrial Relations Cameron Dick announced that the Queenslanders can now have their views and opinions expressed regarding on the new national workplace health and safety laws.

“At present each state and territory has its own workplace health and safety laws, however, harmonising legislation across Australia will deliver consistent levels of safety to all Australian workers,” he said. “Safe Work Australia has released draft model regulations along with priority codes of practice, an issues paper and a regulatory impact statement for public comment.”

Mr. Dick also encourages people to check the materials online at the Safe Work Australia website and get themselves familiarize with all of them. He also states his belief of the consultation phase and how it will play an important role in getting a consistent approach towards such laws across Australia.

Employers, business owners and interested parties are also encouraged to express their opinions on this because the changes being done to workplace health and safety laws have a direct effect on them as well. It will also include changes for those in the electrical and mining industries.

The new laws are expected to take place across all jurisdictions from 1 January 2012. For the meantime, electrical, mining and workplace health and safety laws will remain separate in Queensland.

Workplace Health and Safety laws can all be found at